Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Objectives

1) To provide education at the Primary/High School/Higher Sec. and College level to young men and young women who wish to have their higher education.

2) To provide education which will inspire the students for selfless and dedicated service wherever they may be called in any part of the country.

3) To provide as far as possible education of a high standard of scholarship and learning, and to prepare students for their life work as responsible citizens of the country.

4) To provide education which will inspire the students to become better citizens so that their attitude towards social, economic, political, educational and moral issues of the country are better understood.

5) To promote the development of body, mind and soul.

6) To ensure that the youth may receive a balanced religious, social and physical education.

7) To help prepare the youth for effective citizenship of the country.

8) To develop a love and appreciation in the youth for the privileges, rights and responsibilities, guaranteed each individual and social group; a wholesome respect and attitude for each unit of society- home, school and government.

9) To help and develop the youth especially the poor and needy, in the field of education, cottage industries, etc.

10) To fight against the anti-social elements and render full co-operation to the government in all matters relating to the good and clean administration in the state and the country as a whole and also in providing education to the needy.