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Admission to Helen Lowry College, Helen Lowry Higher Secondary School is open to any students who meets the academic and character requirements of the College and who has the willingness to co-operate with its rules and regulations. Helen Lowry College is a private institution operated by the Mizo Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Church, Mizoram and granted Affiliation from Mizoram University No.AC:32:4(24)/11(A) and the College does not discriminate the grounds of caste, colour, creed, ethnicity, gender, race or religion and tongue. Admission in the college is a privilege and not a right to every individual. We welcome every individual who wish to learn and ready to accept the policies of the institution which are implemented without partiality. Let us grow together to make a better world through Helen Lowry College.

No student admitted as a boarder can change his status to a day scholar in the same academic year.

Correspondence Directory

Postal Address: Helen Lowry College

Seventh-day Tlang, Aizawl

P.O Vaivakawn 796 009, Mizoram.

Telephone : 2345838/2347388

E-mail Address:

Administrative Officers:

Principal : 9405015643

Vice-Principal : 9862323016

Registrar : 9436149877

Treasurer : 9089529363

Men’s Warden : 9862597327

Women’s Warden : 9612081120