All stationary items and basic requirement of the students such as books, readymade uniforms, pants, shirt, necktie and socks are available at the college store.


Canteen provides food items for students’ lunch. These food items are sold at a marginal cost for the students services. Only healthy food items are served in the canteen.

Cafeteria for Boarding:

The food items given in the boarding is purely vegetarian diet. Supply of meat is strictly prohibited. Meat supplement like eggs, milk, Soya products and vegetables are given every week. Students are permitted to eat to their heart’s content but are not allowed to waste any food items. Varieties of fruits are given according to the season and its availability.


Hostels for boys and girls are arranged within the campus. Ample time is given for study period and games. Hostel boys and girls are taken care of by dedicated wardens. The school nurse supervises and attends to the sick students 24 hours. If any serious sickness prevails, immediate help is available for dispatch as the Adventist Hospital is just a stone throw distance.


Rules and Regulations