Rules and Regulations


Listed below are the practices which students are strictly prohibited from engaging in. Any student found guilty of breaking these standards will be disciplined in the form of punishment as a means of helping the student to appreciate the importance of the rules and code of conduct. If the administration considers the infringement as serious offence, the student may be asked to withdraw from the institution or be dismissed.

· Use or possession of pan, tobacco, alcohol, addictive drugs, etc, in any form.

· Gambling, betting, possessing card, dice or other gambling devices.

· Secret meeting with the opposite sex in any manner and engaging in any immoral act.

· Wearing of jewellery, eg; chains, necklaces, earrings, nose studs, bracelets etc.

· Propagating immoral aesthetic ideas, or undermining the religious ideals of the College, which are based on Seventh-day Adventist principles and beliefs.

· Use of profane language or indulging in lewd and suggestive conduct and or possession of obscene literature, films or pictures.

· Theft in any form, picking or breaking locks, doors, windows or tampering with electrical wiring and fixtures.

· Willful destruction of college property or facilities.

· Cheating in tests or examinations and dishonesty in any form.

· Continued absences from class, worship or other responsibilities without valid excuses.

· Possessing mobile phone is not permitted.


Hostel for boys and girls with good facilities are provided in the campus. English is the spoken language in the hostel. Apart from study programme, morning and evening worship is compulsory for every hosteller. There will be combined worship on every Sunday evening where speakers will be arranged from the Hospital staff, Conference workers and other guest speakers. In the hostels worship chances are given to students turn by turn which is a good training ground for them while they are in the hostel. Visitors and day scholar students are not allowed to enter in the hostel rooms.

Rules and Regulations in the Cafeteria.

Only Vegetarian food items are served in the Cafeteria. Morning and evening meals are heavy, i.e. Rice, Dhal, curry and one item of chatni/chilli items. Lunch is served light with snack items. Fruits are given according to the season. Milk is served once a week and eggs twice a week. Students are allowed to take the amount they can finish but throwing and wasting of food items are strictly prohibited. Food items are not allowed to be taken in the rooms, if the need arrive due to sickness, special permission must be issued by the hostel deans (warden). Students cannot bring special items in the cafeteria from outside. Cafeteria utensils should not be taken out for any reasons.

· Students should come to the Dining hall in a descent dress.

· Students should follow good table manner.

· Cleanliness should be maintained (even before leaving the table).

· Food items should not be touched by students unless the assigned people serve them.

· Boys and Girls should not share the same table.

· Food timing should be followed by everyone.

· Care should be taken to all the cafeteria properties, any damage done purposefully must be paid or replaced by the victim.

· Silence should be maintained in the Dining hall.

· Bringing external food is not permitted in the Dining hall.